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Kovadlinkové nožnice s pákovým prevodom

Údaje o výrobku
  • Blade with special grinding entering easily into the wood
  • Long cutting edge for cutting small branches deep inside the blade and for cutting big branches close to the center bolt
  • Adjusting cam for increasing the lifetime of the anvil
  • Lever action gives 50% more power for effortless cutting of big branches
  • Spare parts available
Technické údaje
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Grouped product items
Produkt Kúp online
P173-SL-85 45 mm 1-3/4 in 850 mm 33.5 in 1265 g 44.6 oz
P-173-SL-85 N-06.jpg P-173-SL-85 N-09.jpg P-173-SL-85 N-03.jpg P-173-SL-85 N-10.jpg P-173-SL-85 N-01.jpg P-173-SL-85 N-02.jpg P-173-SL-85 N-04.jpg P-173-SL-85 N-07.jpg
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