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Údaje o výrobku
  • Dynamic Drive bihex profiles for higher efficiency and optimal grip. 2 sizes: 19 and 22 mm
  • 28 teeth gear with easily reversible lever for right/left ratcheting direction change. 13º action for fast fastening in restricted working areas
  • Open ratchet (pass-through) to reach the nut at the end of the spindle
  • Conical handle for aligning the holes of each bar to be assembled through which a screw will be inserted and fastened
  • The ratchet also includes a hole in the shank to insert a metallic cable from which we will be able to hang and hold the ratchet to a belt or safety rope
  • Vyrobené podľa osvedčených postupov DROPS.
Technické údaje
Grouped product items
Produkt Kúp online
SC2RM-13-17 13-17 mm 280 mm 34 mm 44,5 mm 300 g
SC2RM-15-17 15-17 mm 280 mm 34 mm 44,5 mm 320 g
SC2RM-19-22 19-22 mm 309 mm 41 mm 50 mm 430 g
SC2RM-27-30 27-30 mm 450 mm 65 mm 63 mm 1335 g
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