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Upsize Adaptors for Enlarging Existing Holes

Product Details
  • Upsize adaptors for enlarging existing holes
  • Product to be attached to the pilot drill by using a hex key, this way you can assemble the smaller holesaw inside your larger holesaw
  • To be used for both small holesaws (<32 mm) and big holesaws (≥32 mm)
  • Works excellent together with our ejector arbors
  • Packed in retail package
  • Innovative product that makes it possible to enlarge existing holes by using a smaller holesaw as pilot when cutting
  • Two sides with different threads to fit all sizes of holesaws
  • Attach to your pilot drill by using a 4mm (5/32") hex key
Technical Details
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3834-UPSIZE 20.5 mm 19 mm 26 g
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