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Self-Adjusting Automatic Wire Stripping Pliers with Built in Wire Cutter

3419 B
Product Details
  • For stripping and cutting of wire and cable 0.1 - 6.0 mm, such as:- PVC thick insulation of all hardness- Stranded wires, for thin flat ribbon cables also multiple wires in one operation. Double insulated cable, in two steps without adjustment
  • Adjustment of the insulation strip length from 3 - 16 mm (0.12 - 0.65 inches)
  • Light, almost unbreakable casing made of fibreglass reinforced polyamide, resistant to
  • chemicals and corrosion
  • The wire cutter should be used only for copper and aluminium wire
  • 3419 B SH: spare blade
Technical Details
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Self-Adjusting Automatic Wire Stripping Pliers with Built-in Wire Cutter 0.25 mm-6 mm 3419 B 0.25-6.00 mm 145 g
Spare Blade for Stripping Plier 3419 B 3419 B SH 10 g
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