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Rotary barrel pump

Product Details
  • Rotary barrel pump
  • For continuous transfer of non corrosive fluids
  • Suitable and recommended for diesel, kerosene, heating oils, engine oils, lubricant oils and other non-corrosive fluids
  • Recommended for fluids with viscosity up to SAE90
  • Dual direction operation, which allows the pump to both empty and refill containers
  • Capacity/rotation: 250 ml
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Pump body sturdy cast iron with precisely machined cast iron vanes for better draw and smoother delivery
  • Seals made of sturdy NBR
  • For 50 to 205 litre barrels with 1” thread
  • Do not use for water based liquids, antifreeze, solvents, acids, gasoline, etc.
Technical Details
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BOD70 1330 mm 250 mm 230 mm 5.40 kg
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