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Shoe brake springs removal and installation set

Product Details
  • Used for removing and installing compressed springs on drum brakes
  • The set makes the application completely safe and quick
  • Can be used for any other application where spring removal or installation is needed
  • Set contents
  • Pliers [ref. BBRS210P]
  • Blade with curved U-shaped tip for pushing springs [ref. BBRS210P2]
  • Straight blade with 90 degree angle and hook for pulling springs [ref. BBRS210P2]
  • Supplied in a blow moulded case, in foam inlay for better tool management
  • References BBRS210P and BBRS210P2 available as spare parts
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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Shoe Brake Springs Removing and Installation Set - 3 Pcs/Blow Mould Case BBR210P3 80 x 270 x 375 mm 1.53 kg
Blade for Pushing and Pulling Springs BBRS210P2 75 x 270 x 350 mm 1.31 kg
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