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Industrial cutting

To provide the best support in our markets and accomplish the lowest cost per cut for our all customers, we have our specialists across the globe. These specialists are trained in finding the best possible solution for each application in any specific case. They will help you to reach your target and find the right balance between quality, performance, cost efficiency and fast delivery. We have strategically positioned our weld centers globally to offer our customers a reliable and fast delivery service. Our weld centers feature high technology machines, annealing control and quality laboratory.

Metal Cutting

Bi-metal bandsaw blades: Suitable for most cutting tasks, including fast, efficient contour cutting, tubes and profiles, foundry and production cutting, these long life blades are the clear choice where cost per cut, safety, productivity and environmental aspects need to be considered. Carbide bandsaw blades: High performance backing steel and carbide grades yield premium band sawing results in a wide variety of applications. Ideal for cutting difficult and abrasive materials, or when working with large, hard-to-cut pieces. Inventor of the set carbide blade Bahco leads the innovation of carbide bandsaw blades.
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  1. Sandflex® Top Fabricator Bandsaw Blades 3853 Sandflex® Top Fabricator View product
  2. Versatile Carbide Bandsaw Blade 3868 Carbide Triple Set® TSX View product
  3. Most Advanced Carbide Bandsaw Blade 3860 Unset Carbide TMC View product
  4. Advanced Carbide Bandsaw Blade 3881 Carbide Multi Set THQ View product

Wood cutting

High-performance backing steel and HSS tooth blades: A fatigue-resistant combination that gives excellent cutting rates in every hardness and all types of wood.
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Sawing aids

Sawing Aids: To ensure that all parameters affecting the cutting are perfect. These aids allow you to get the most out of your cutting application.
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  1. Steel Wedges 75 mm 3870-WEDGE View product