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Where can I get my Bahco tool repaired?

Bahco has in-house repair centres and a network of external repair centres covering repairs, maintenance and calibration for Bahco tools. Contact the Bahco distributor who sold you the tool to arrange this service.

If your tool is out of warranty and you do not know where it was purchased, please contact your nearest Bahco distributor to arrange service 


What warranty do Bahco tools have?

Bahco tools are manufactured and designed for professional use. You can find the general warranty here.


What is excluded from the warranty?

- Wear and tear caused by use (brushes, discs, saws, blades, vanes, etc).

- Damage caused by misuse (lack of lubrication, lack of maintenance, use in incorrect applications, use in extreme environmental conditions for which the equipment is not designed, etc.).

- Equipment with modifications or unauthorised repairs.


When does the warranty period start and how can I claim the warranty on a faulty tool?

The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. This date can be checked on the invoice or any other document of equivalent legal value. By handing over this document together with the faulty tool to our Bahco distributor, he will arrange the repair or replacement.


Can I repair my tool myself?

Bahco is committed to our customers' "right to repair" in order to extend the service life of our tools as much as possible. We have official spare parts and repair manuals available for our customers so that service operations can be carried out easily and safely.


Where can I get Bahco tool parts and where can I buy spare parts, consumables and accessories?

Through the distributor who sold you the tool.


Where can I get repair manuals and technical documentation?

Bahco has maintenance, calibration and repair manuals for products classified as repairable. You can access them by requesting them from one of our Bahco distributors, who will provide them in digital format.