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Lightweight Extra Precision Hedge Shears with Aluminium Handle

Product Details
  • Light, compact and well-balanced hedge shears with aluminium handles of 35 cm and razor-sharp blade of 180 mm
  • Ideal for topiary work and other shaped cutting
  • The sharpened edges of the blades slide against each other and work like a pair of scissors. The pointed blades give better precision. The size of the blades allow deep penetration in the crop, and cuts faster on larger surfaces
  • Good maneuverability thanks to slim rounded-shaped handles. This allows different positions of the hands. The black sleeve adds comfort.
  • The buffers absorb shock and vibration. They cannot get loose
  • A leather sheath for the blade is included to avoid injuries and for better protection when not in use
  • Spare parts available
Technical Details
Landscape Spareparts Light Dash Xxx
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Lightweight Extra Precision Hedge Shears with Aluminium Handle 590 mm P52-SL-20 590 mm 23.23 in 180 mm 7.1 in 930 g 28,18 oz
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