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Hydraulic Rams with Galvanized Finish

Product Details
  • Operation: For hydraulic ram between working piece and puller spindle with spindle drawn back
  • To be installed between mechanical puller and assembly
  • Hydraulic system works by tightening spindle
  • Made of special steel
  • Galvanised finish
  • Increases the forward thrust in combination with mechanical pullers, especially suited for tightly jammed parts
  • Recommended for narrow spaces with side access
  • Force multiplication for easy operation
  • If piston stroke is insufficient, release spindle and tighten same, continue to operate spindle as described before
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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Hydraulic Ram with Galvanized Finish 40 mm 4529-8 40 mm 39-67 mm 8 to 80 kN 8 mm 51 mm 690 g
Hydraulic Ram with Galvanized Finish 55 mm 4529-15 55 mm 60-89 mm 15 to 150 kN 12 mm 75 mm 1690 g
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