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3/4" Square Drive Mechanical Adjustable Free Hand Point Click Wrench 200 N.m-800 N.m

Product Details
  • Non-length-dependant so can be used with or without the supplied extension handle (optional on 650 N·m) 
  • Large dual scale in N·m/  
  • Range covering from 130 to 1,500 N·m/100 - 1100 torque values 
  • Can be used clockwise or anticlockwise by pushing across the square drive of the ratchet head 
  • Accurate to ±3% of reading which exceeds the requirements of ISO6789-1:2017 
  • Exceptionally clear torque signal from the unique mechanism 
  • Push-through ratchet heads allowing CW and ACW operation 
  • Extension handle significantly reduces operator effort to achieve high torque values 
  • All in a portable sturdy blow mould case 
  • All wrenches come with a factory declaration of conformity traceable to international standards 
  • ISO 6789 
  • Made in the UK 
Technical Details
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75R3-800 200-800 Nm 150-600 lb·ft 3/4" in 10 Nm 5 lb·ft 1037 mm 999 mm 889 mm 75 mm 58 mm 33 mm 490 mm
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