Metal Cutting

When you’re literally working at the cutting edge you need blades you know you can depend on for precise, consistent performance.

Sandflex Solution Long life, fast cuts and reduced effort

Bahco holesaws set the standard in precision, quality, durability and versatility. So no matter what you are cutting through, we have the holesaws and arbors to tackle the job, time after time. Every aspect of the holesaws are engineered to improve productivity and craftsmanship from the design of the cutting edges to the technologies used to produce the holesaws.

Optimum Cutting Performance

  • Perfect holes

    Clean and Accurate holes

  • Tooth-Profile

    High-speed cutting edge

Pursuing excellence Why choose reliable Bahco bandsaw blades ?

Bi-metal bandsaw blades:  suitable for most cutting tasks, including fast, efficient contour cutting, tubes and profiles, foundry and production cutting, these long life blades are the clear choice where cost per cut, safety, productivity and environmental aspects need to be considered. 

They’re ideal for cutting different types of steel, including structural, machining, quenched, tempered, high speed or nitriding, as well as brass, copper, nickel, cast iron, titanium and many other materials. 

Carbide bandsaw blades: our latest long life carbide bandsaw blades, the 3860 TCA, TCD and TCZ  series, deliver improved performance when cutting special alloys, including aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, Hastalloy, Inconel and Waspalloy.
High performance backing steel and carbide grades yield premium band sawing results in a wide variety of applications.  Ideal for cutting difficult and abrasive materials, or when working with large, hard-to-cut pieces. 

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