How do you win the world’s most demanding race?

For a team to succeed in a high-performance endurance racing every component has to be just right. Knowing exactly where the right tools are is key.

Bahco’s Bespoke Ergo Tool Management System (BETMS) is a perfect fit for the job.

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An expertly engineered TECHNICAL partnership

Alpine and Bahco is a story that started 5 years ago when the team Signatech-Alpine decided to join the European Le Mans Series championship. Alpine has a long history in motorsport and Bahco is proud to support them in this successful adventure with 2 European title 2013, 2014 and a world champion title in 2016.

The alpine a110 Cup

Tool Storage

Choose your workshop trolley, configure the trays and choose your tools. Have your products always at hand!

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2 in 1 oil drainer with tank capacity 90L

Used to drain, by gravity or by suction using venture-vacuum mechanism, waste oil from engines, gear boxes and differentials of all vehicles

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12v hybrid booster with capacitors

This 12V Booster is powered by internal capacitors and in addition it is also equipped with a backup lithium battery that provides energy to the capacitors in case the battery runs completely flat

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18V 1/2" square drive impact wrench 1000Nm Brushless kit

For high torque fastening or unfastening applications on any type of vehicles including agricultural machinery

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Trolley jack 3T

Easy to use in any position with the extra large rounded foot pedal

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Torque wrenches with scale, metal handle

Easy to use mechanical torque wrench

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Auto-rising jack stands

Easy raising operation thanks to the lever and air spring mechanism

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19" Bahco tool storage bag

Easy access tool bag with wide opening top

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2018 Season Tracks


Le Castellet


01 - 02 June 2018




22 - 23 June 2018




14 - 15 July 2018



Great Britain

01 - 02 September


Spa Francorchamps


22 - 23 September




20 - 21 October

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