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Versatile Carbide Bandsaw Blade

3868 Carbide Triple Set® TSX
Product Details
  • Carbide blade for high efficiency cutting of difficult and abrasive materials
  • Triple-set tooth design and good kerf clearance helps eliminate tooth loss
  • Set tooth design eliminates vibration and noise especially on unstable machines
  • Carbide is very tough so the edges can withstand the high impact forces of bandsawing without breaking or chipping
  • Selected carbide tip for wear, resistance and durability has proven to increase productivity dramatically
  • Positive 10° rake angle tooth for faster cutting rates and increased productivity
  • Selected carbide tip for wear, resistance and durability
  • Strong set pattern for good swarf clearance and longer tool life
  • Standard widths and thickness which fit all types of bandsaw machines without modification
  • Perfect for cutting titanium alloys, graphite alloy, aluminium with high silicon or matrix alloys
  • Provides clearance for good chip removal
  • Greatly improved blade life
Technical Details
Round Solid Shape Square Solid Shape
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