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You should never have to adapt to the tool. Our ERGO™ tools mean you don’t have to.

What is ERGO™?

An ergonomic tool is a tool that works with you to achieve the end results you need with minimum risks of sustaining work related injuries. For this to be successful it needs to be the first pick in your toolbox and this is why an ERGO™ tool is more than a fancy handle. The ERGO™ tools will also improve quality and productivity of the work done, which means we need to design all the features of the tools according to the ergo process.

What is the ERGO™ process?

The ergo process is our tried and tested product development process that has the professional users as the core component. We interview and observe them work to find the needs that the new tool should meet. We experiment and test and the best ideas are chosen by professional users in their real working environment. The resulting final design is again verified by the end users.

The Bahco end user network BEUN
The people we use for testing are members of the BEUN. A network of hard working professionals covering all relevant trades groups and geographical regions. The BEUN members are not on our payroll, they participate because they care about their work and because they like to be part of and influence the next generation of tools from Bahco.

Why choose ERGO™ tools?

A fusion of innovation, design & materials

Bahco’s ERGO™ tools are designed around you. They belong in your hand and respond to the demands of every twist and turn. ERGO™ tools protect the 42 different hand muscles required for a secure grip, prevent avoidable conditions and, most importantly, make demanding work easier.

Our commitment to quality

Everyone at Bahco is passionate about our tools and what they create. We respect the people who use our products and know our reputations are shared. We hold up our end by constantly seeking improvement.

Our ERGO™ tools are the only choice for professionals who know only the best will do.

  • TPE on top, better grip with two hand usage.
  • Grip shape designed for extended use, validated by professionals.
  • Metal handle base for better balance and sawing comfort. Shock proof.
  • All information printed directly on blade to reduce packaging.

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  • Progressive edge; accurate cut in the tip and strong close to the joint.
  • Torx screw, excellent precision and adjustment for perfect alignment.
  • Mini shoulders; secure the thumbs from sliding into the head without compromising accessibility.
  • Bimaterial handles; High friction, soft surface on a durable and stiff base comfortable grip.

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Ergonomic science: The key to better, safer tools

Putting ERGO™ to work

Ergonomics is the science which optimises how you interact with your environment. Ergonomic tools offer better interaction as they’re designed to fit you.

Comfortable design means required grip strength is kept to a minimum, which allows hand muscles to relax and reduces the risk of fatigue.

Bahco’s ERGO™ tool handles are designed to give you the excellent sensory feedback you need for precise control and the confidence you need to deliver the best results.

Designed to protect

On long or difficult projects, poor equipment can affect more than the end result. Prolonged use of low quality tools can lead to painful muscle, bone or joint problems known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Our ERGO™ tools are built to reduce the risk of sustaining these conditions without making sacrifices to performance or durability.

Our ERGO™ tools are the only choice for professionals who know only the best will do.

52% of work related health problems are attributable to MSD related problems among workers. Source: EUROSTAT, LFS