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More than 1,000 automotive tools acclaimed for their consistent performance, safety, comfort and long service make the Bahco catalogue one of the most prestigious and complete. Automotive professionals find in the Bahco catalogue the right equipment to face the challenges they have when working on every vehicle repair and overhaul project. On top, Bahco rounds off the Specialty Tools catalogue with a wide range of Hand Tools, Power Tools, Tool Storage Solutions and Garage Equipment Private use, industrial or leisure; whether on dry land or on the water, all kind of vehicles with a great variety of needs obtain specific support from Bahco Specialty Tools and our unrivalled After Sales Service when working on every specific car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or industrial vehicle part. Check the 5 major sub-families to find guided product searches


Electric Tools & Equipment: Automotive electrical systems operate independently in every vehicle thanks to a battery-powered closed circuit. Bahco offers an all-round solution to repair and keep in good shape all electrical parts such as batteries, headlamps, socket/plug testers, electric circuit protection, etc. 1.Battery Management 2.Electric Tools and Testers
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Body Repair Shop

Body Shop Equipment: Keeping vehicle bodies in good shape it not just a matter of looks, it is also crucial for protecting what and who is inside. Bahco Body equipment includes everything from plastic to metal parts, windscreens, hinges, and wipers. 1.Body Repair Shop Tools 2.Body Repair Shop Equipment
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Under Car

Under car: A safe and efficient vehicle is about stability and the right power transmission. Having all unseen parts under the car, such as wheel bearings, brake liquids, clutch cables and oil seals always perfect requires professionals taking care of them and keeping them in perfect condition. Bahco provides Specialty tools for them to work on every under car detail.
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Engine Tools

Engine Tools: The heart of the vehicle is a complex and precise machinery where every manufacturer invests more time creating unique pieces of work. Bahco provides engine tools that cover most of the special parts manufacturers provide to drivers, and these can be easily found using The Bahco Engine Tool Finder. Our Timing Kits, Diagnostics Equipment, Injector Tools, on top of many other tools and equipment, are at hand to cover most of those special needs that keep engines roaring.
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Garage equipment

Garage Equipment: Lift, move, drag, compress… difficult actions that require less effort when using hydraulic jacks, cranes or dollies thanks to Bahco quality and technology. In our Garage Equipment catalogue, you can find heavy-duty equipment that allows professionals working daily with huge wheels, engines or transmissions to operate in a safer environment. Professionals rely on Bahco products as recognition of our continuous innovation and extensive catalogue.
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