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ProfCut™ General Carpentry Pull-Saws for Wood and Plastic

Product Details
  • General carpentry pull-saws for fine, cross and angled cuts
  • The pull action allows for a thin blade (0.6 mm) for minimum of removal (kerf 0.9 mm) requiring less force
  • Hardpoint, triple-edge JT tooth design
  • The flexibility of the blade allows for excellent cuts close to another surface
  • Two-component plastic handle ensures a comfortable and safe grip
  • Comfortable screwed two-component handle
  • PC-12-14-PS-B Replacement blade
Technical Details
Jt Icon Thickness 0.60 Hard Point
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ProfCut™ General Carpentry Pull-Saw for Wood and Plastic 13.5 TPI 305 mm PC-12-14-PS 305 mm 12 in 13.5 0.6 mm 265 g
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