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Most Advanced Carbide Bandsaw Blade

3860 Unset Carbide TMC
Product Details
  • Carbide blade for high efficiency cutting of difficult and abrasive materials
  • Multi-chip unset carbide tipped bandsaw blade performs extremely well cutting titanium solids and blocks, 718 and other high temperature alloys, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Unset teeth provide a superior surface finish, long life and eliminate secondary operations
  • Special grade of carbide tooth material provides maximum life and cutting performance
  • Tooth tips are fine ground to give a sharp edge
  • For high-efficiency cutting of difficult and abrasive materials
  • Plate sawing of titanium blocks
  • Various grades of titanium in solid form
  • Large solids of Inconel with severe scale and internal restraint
  • Large solids of stainless steel and aluminium
Technical Details
Round Solid Shape Square Solid Shape
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1.4/2 TPI TMC Multi Chip Unset Carbide Bandsaw Blade 54 mm x 1.6 mm 3860-54-1.6-TMC-1.4/2 54 mm 2 in 1.6 mm 0.062 in 1.4/2 TMC
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