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Long Measuring Tapes with Nylon Coated Blade and Open Case

Product Details
  • Blade width 16 mm
  • Class II accuracy
  • -E products have both metric and imperial scales
  • Double nylon blade coating for extra wear resistance
  • Easy to read permanent clearly printed graduations with a non-glare finish
  • Two-component handle
  • Extra-strength with the 16000 strands + fibreglass tape
  • More wear resistance thanks to the double nylon coating on the tape
  • Can be grounded to be used by 1 person
Technical Details
Grouped product items
Product Buy online
LTS-30 30 m 13 mm 650 g
LTS-50 50 m 13 mm 960 g
LTS-100 100 m 13 mm 1520 g
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