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Insulated Slotted Interchangeable Blades with Reduced Diameter

8010SL-2P - 8050SL-2P
Product Details
  • Insulated interchangeable blades with reduced diameter
  • Reduced diameter gives improved access to sunken screws and spring elements
  • For slotted head screws, blades of 100 mm length (out of the handle)
  • Blade release system built in the comfortable handle makes it easy and safe to change the slim blades without the blades falling out
  • For work on live equipment, up to 1000 V
  • Presented in retail plastic tube of 2 pieces
  • To be used only with the 808060 insulated ratcheting screwdriver
Technical Details
Grouped product items
Product Buy online
8010SL-2P 0.4 mm 2.5 mm 100 mm 25 g
8220SL-2P 0.5 mm 3.0 mm 100 mm 25 g
8040SL-2P 0.8 mm 4.0 mm 100 mm 25 g
8050SL-2P 1.0 mm 5.5 mm 100 mm 25 g
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