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Foundry Bandsaw Blade

3869 Carbide Triple Set®
Product Details
  • Carbide foundry bandsaw blade for non-ferrous and abrasive materials
  • Straight and radius cutting
  • Fast cutting
  • Easy feeding
  • Perfect for aluminium, gates and risers, magnesium, zirconium, beryllium, bronze, copper, abrasive materials and plastics
  • Deflects chips away from machine operator
  • Carbide-tipped teeth with triple set configuration for fast cutting, easy feeding
  • Special design for foundry use, straight and radius cutting usage/type of cutting
  • For use on smaller machines for difficult-to-cut materials
Technical Details
Round Solid Shape Square Solid Shape
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3 TPI Carbide Triple Set® Foundry Bandsaw Blade 27 mm x 0.9 mm 3869-27-0.9-TS-3 27 mm 1 in 0.9 mm 0.035 in 3 TS
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