ERGO™ Splitproof Woodworking Chisel 6 mm

Product Details
  • Chisel developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process
  • Split-proof two-component handle allows the intensive use of a metallic hammer with the size range of 6 to 50 mm
  • Safety guard and rounded shoulders for added protection
  • Precision ground blade for maximum sharpness
  • Superior polished blade finish in the 434 ERGO™ model
  • Varnished blade for increased rust resistance
  • Hardened and tempered high quality steel for long-lasting performance
  • Protective holster and tip protector included
  • Standards: ISO 2729
  • Maximum comfort with minimum effort thanks to an ergonomic design
  • Comfortable two-component handle fits comfortably into the hand, and provides a nonslip grip
  • Splitproof polyamide handle which easily absorbs repeated steel hammer blows
  • This tool meets the highest standards of performance and cutting power while minimizing the risk of injury
  • It is tailored for demanding carpentry and construction jobs
  • Specially designed safety guard with rounded shoulders further protects the hands from injury
  • Blade guard protects working edges of blade when not in use
Technical Details
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434-6 6 mm 140 mm 126 mm 152 g
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