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Bi-metal Bandsaw Blade for Longer Life

3861 Sandcut Bi-metal
Product Details
  • Bandsaw blade for wood cutting
  • Fatigue-resistant backing material
  • Very high resistance to fatigue and twisting loads
  • HSS tooth gives superior extended hardness
  • Specially designed tooth shapes for maximum cutting performance
  • Bi-metal blade made for wood cutting. Superior life compared to standard blade which result in loonger times between resharpening
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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3861-27-0.9-H-1.33 27 mm 1 in 0,9 mm 0,035 in 1.33 Hook
3861-34-0.9-H-1.15 34 mm 1-1/4 in 0,9 mm 0,035 in 1.15 Hook
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