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40 mm Expert Bypass Telescopic Loppers with Dual-Component Handle

Product Details
  • Blade with slicing cut is made of high-grade steel, fully-hardened
  • Telescopic lopper with handles made of silver aluminium tubes, extendable from 70 cm to 90 cm
  • Comfortable two-component grips made of orange polypropylene and soft black thermoplastic elastomer
  • Shock absorbing rubber buffer
  • Special locking system locks/unlocks with just a quarter-turn
  • No spare parts available
  • For pruning high trees with thick branches
  • Lightweight aluminium handle
  • Comfortable two-component handles giving an excellent grip
  • Easy reach with the lightweight telescopic handles 70 cm to 90 cm
  • Easy one-direction twist locking system
Technical Details
Garden Slicing Cut
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40 mm Expert Bypass Telescopic Loppers with 2-Component Handle 700 mm - 900 mm PG-19-F 40 mm 1 1/2 in 745 mm 29.33 in 1135 g 40,04 oz
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