Foldable Case Insulated Electrician's Toolset - 10 Pcs

Product Details
  • Set includes 10 pieces, basic assortment of insulated tools
  • BE-8010S, BE-8040S, BE-8050S, BE-8220S, BE-8230S, BE-8255S, BE-8620S, 2171V-160, 2430V-160, 2678V-180
  • PH-2 BE-8620S Phillips screwdrivers
  • 180 mm 2665VDE combination pliers
  • 160 mm 2457VDE telephone pliers
  • 160 mm 2674NVDE side cutters
  • For working on live equipment up to 1000 V according to IEC 60900
  • In foldable case
  • Each and every tool is tested to 10.000V for 10 seconds at the end of the manufacturing cycle
Technical Details
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3045/1VDE 10 225 x 70 x 300 mm 1700 g
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