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Bahco manufactures and offers high quality pruning and cutting solutions for professionals working in vineyards, orchards, landscaping, arboriculture and forestry. During the development of tools, engineers work closely together with professional end-users in diverse geographies to test their ideas. What interest them more are the ideas and experiences of the men and women who work day-after-day trimming and nurturing plants. Over the years,...


Bahco ERGO secateurs, with its angled blades, keep the wrist in a natural position. In addition, choose the handle that best fits the hand and a cutting head adapted to the thickness of the vines. Use loppers or pruning saws for thicker and harder wood. Consider using power tools that reduce the force required to cut.
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Bahco pruning tools are the best choice for repetitive work, combining ergonomics with performance, while ensuring a clean, perfect cut. This clean cut will give high quality fruit during next year’s harvest. Most of the work if performed above waist-height, making many cuts on one tree. Bahco’s well-balanced and strong Super Light loppers provide easy reach and overhead cutting. Use pruning saws for thicker and harder wood. Pole saws make ...
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With a broad range of tools for planting, plant care, trimming, precision or rough pruning and greening to keep green spaces and private garden in perfect shape. Bahco Super Light hedge shears are extremely strong, as well as being lightweight and comfortable to use. Use pruning saws for thicker and harder wood. Pole saws and top pruners make the work easier on higher trees. Bahco Lithium battery powered tools are very quiet and the perfect ...
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Either working from the ground or using ropes and harness techniques, good tools is an absolute must-have. Bahco pole saws and top pruners cuts off tall branches and overgrown trees and enables overhead trimming without the need of a ladder. The short telescopic pole is especially suitable when climbing tees.
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From axes to debarking tools to logging tools, measuring, planting tools and chain saw files, Bahco offers an assortment adapted to manual forestry work and wood handling.
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Bahco offers outstanding cutting and pruning tools for discerning users who love gardening and enjoy the pleasures of gardening.
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