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Aluminium Base Section Poles

Product Details
  • Base strong aluminium pole, very light and well-balanced
  • Comfortable to work with, especially from the ground
  • Sleeve for anti-slip grip
  • Easy to put in a van, fits laterally in the back
  • Reinforced end cap at the extremity of the pole, helps avoiding breakage when touching the ground unexpectedly
  • Possible to add section poles ASP-1850 to reach
  • 3.7 m (1 extra section pole - maximum working reach 5.2 m), 5.57 m (2 extra section poles - maximum working reach 7.07 m)
  • Practical and safe screwing fit system between the sections
  • Patented quick-fit system to adapt pole saws or top pruners
  • Never use this pole within 50 feet (15 meters) of power lines or electrical wires
  • Failure to heed this warning may result serious injury or death by electrocution
  • Safer pruning at height with lightweight aluminium section pole
  • Especially suitable for pruning at height while standing on the ground
  • Base pole partially covered with a sleeve which ensures good hold and control
  • Reinforced end-cap to reduce the chance of breakage from unexpected impact
  • Can be extended with 1 or 2 section poles ASP-1850 to reach required heights
  • Bahco hook ASP-AS-HOOK and Bahco pole saws ASP-AS-C33-JT-F, ASP-AS-C36-JT-M, ASP-AS-C39-JT-C and ASP-AS-C45-JT-C fit
  • Bahco top pruners P34-37, P34-27A, P134 can be attached using the top pruner adaptor ASP-ATP
Technical Details
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Aluminium Base Section Pole 1870 mm ASP-1850G 1870 mm 73.5 in 795 g 28 oz
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