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Coarse Cut Pole Pruning Saws

Product Details
  • Product is suitable for the applications; pruning, trimming, gardening, arborist and forestry
  • Precision ground, razor sharp JT teething provides smooth cutting and perfect result
  • Strong blade with 5,4 TPI (coarse teething) for thicker branches where quick coarse cut is required
  • Sheath in impact-resistant plastic with quick locking and thumb grip release and belt loop
  • Easier cutting of branches at height with the precision ground, razor sharp Japanese teething when attached to section pole
  • Reduced friction and concentrated cutting energy from the taper ground blade teething
  • Hook at tip of blade to prevent slipping out of kerf
  • Bark breaking blade at joint of the blade and adaptor
  • The tooth tip hardened curved blade is flexible, yet stable and long lasting
  • Connection adaptor for the ASP-1850 pole system, two alternative lengths, C39, 390 mm or C45, 450 mm
Technical Details
Coarse Cut
Grouped product items
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ASP-AS-C39-JT-C 390 mm 15-1/4 in 5.4 302 g 10.7 oz
ASP-AS-C45-JT-C 450 mm 17.75 in 5.4 327 g 11.5 oz
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