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Wiper puller set

Product Details
  • Wiper arm puller set for removing wiper arms that are rusty or corroded
  • Many different removal options [use the puller or the slide hammer with the profiles]
  • Stubborn and deeply seated arms can be quickly and easily removed in a safe way
  • This set contains
  • 8 different profile grippers/adaptors for use on various wipers [BBS170P131- BBS170P138]
  • 1 universal puller with 4 interchangeable legs [BBS165]
  • 1 pressure/pushing spindle [BBS170P139]
  • 1 slide hammer [BE1300SH]
  • 2 pairs of head adaptors [V and U shaped] for use with the universal puller or pushing spindle [BBS165SP4]
  • Supplied in a blow moulded case, in foam inlay for better tool management
Technical Details
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