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Tungsten Carbide Cylindrical Rotary Special Burrs for Repairing Tyre

Product Details
  • For cleaning and reaming for tyre repairs
  • Special cutting edge suitable for soft materials
  • Used to deburr irregular objects or to complete finishing work inside a confined space
  • Maximum speed 1500 RPM speeds exceeding 1500 RPM generates heat which destroys the bond between the rubber and the steel reinforcement
  • DIN: SPG
  • X = X-cut
  • X-Cut: for hard and soft materials, produces short and blunt chips, runs smoothly even at low cutting speeds
  • Stock standard: X = yes
  • Burrs marked with T in column shank mm have triangular shank
Technical Details
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A0625M06X 6 mm 25 mm 6 mm 50 mm 18/8 24 g
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