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Hydraulic transmission jack single piston 500kg capacity

Product Details
  • Used in pits and beneath elevated vehicles for safely removing, installing or transporting transmissions
  • Quick approach system enables reaching the full height in only 38 pump strokes
  • Hard chrome plated rod and pump piston
  • Large and comfortable pedal for easy lifting from right or left side
  • Wide base for high stability during lifting and manoeuvring
  • Saddle can be positioned upside down and thanks to the addition of our standard rubber and steel saddles BH11500-04 and BH11500-05 (options), the transmission jack can be used also for lifting car components such exhaust pipes, fuel tanks, suspension springs or hubs when removing studs
  • Sturdy steel swivel castors (75 mm diameter) covered with PU for greater durability and optimal manoeuvrability
  • Two castors are equipped with brakes to prevent movement while loading/unloading
  • CE certified by Official Independent Technical Inspection Association
Technical Details
BH5SP500QA - Technical Dimensions.jpg
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Single Piston Hydraulic Transmission Jack 0.5 t BH5SP500QA 500 kg 1175 mm 1985 mm 38 66 cm 2041 x 660 x 660 mm 34.85 kg
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