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ERGO™ Central Nut Wide Opening Thin Jaw Adjustable Wrenches with Rubber Handle

Product Details
  • Adjustable wrenches developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process
  • Maximum comfort with minimum effort thanks to ergonomic design
  • Extra-wide jaw opening with a shorter handle than a standard wrench offers accessibility to work in confined spaces
  • Up to 60% thinner jaws than standard wrenches of the same size give greater access in tight spaces
  • 40% wider opening compared to a standard adjustable wrench
  • Jaw will not fall out even at maximum opening of the wrench
  • Laser scale in mm for pre-adjusting and accurate measurement
  • Skydrol- and oil-resistant rubber handle
  • Ergonomically designed thermoplastic elastomer handle distributes pressure uniformly in the hand, reducing the risk for work related injuries
  • High-performance alloy steel forged in single piece
  • Phosphate finish, precision-hardened and anti-corrosion treated
  • Left turning screw
  • Standards: ISO 6787, DIN 3117, ASME B107.8 and BS 6333
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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9029-T 170 mm 6 in 32 mm 4,5 mm 12,8 mm 29 mm 196 g
9031-T 218 mm 8 in 38 mm 4,5 mm 13,4 mm 34 mm 325 g
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