Dual Laser Headlamp Tester

Product Details
  • Laser headlamp tester/adjuster
  • Suitable for checking a very wide range of headlamps (high, low and fog lights), such as halogen, xenon, LED and matrix LED for Audi
  • With the proper adjustment protocols and additional equipment, it is also suitable for headlamp adjustment according to vehicle manufacturer specifications
  • Very lightweight device for very easy handling
  • Suitable for use both in garages and in test lanes
  • For light and heavy duty vehicles
  • Internal adjustable measuring screen with scale for both right- and left-hand drive vehicles
  • Laser alignment visor and central laser pointer for easy positioning of the unit in front of the vehicle
  • Digital luxometer
  • Height adjustment system with locking system from 240 mm to 1,400 mm
  • Rotating mast allows a 360° turning of the headlamp tester unit
  • Water scale level and knob to compensate/adjust for floor slope
  • Base with 4 castors that makes rolling very easy
  • High stability and allows locking of the rotating mast
  • Convenient use due to positioning of the wheels. Sturdy anti-tip base
  • Supplied with assembly, operation and calibration manuals
  • Complies with EC regulations and approved by UTAC and NFR63-801 in France
  • Optional rail: BLBT100AC1
Technical Details
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BLBT100 240-1400 mm 565 mm 500 mm 1650 mm 19.5 kg
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