Diamond Precision Files Integrated handle

5-600-D - 5-670-D
Product Details
  • Used for heavy-duty purposes where conventional files are ineffective
  • Suitable for materials such as hard metals, hard plastics, graphite, epoxy, etc.
  • Four different shapes, similar to conventional precision files
  • 5-600 Flat, surfaces and edges parallel
  • 5-610 Half-round, surfaces parallel, tapered point
  • 5-630 Round, tapered point
  • 5-670 Three square, tapered point
  • Shaped section of the file (approx. 110 mm) is covered with diamond grit (D126)
  • Supplied in individual plastic pouches
  • Integrated handle for easy use
  • For heavy-duty use where material hardness makes conventional files ineffective
  • Coated with D126 diamond grit for use on hardened steel, ceramics, glass, graphite, etc.
  • Single packed in plastic pouches
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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5-600-21-D-1P 215 mm 10.4 mm 2.8 mm 52 g
5-610-21-D-1P 215 mm 12.6 mm 3.9 mm 54 g
5-630-21-D-1P 215 mm 6.8 mm 6.8 mm 50 g
5-670-21-D-1P 215 mm 9.7 mm 9.7 mm 63 g
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