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2 in 1 oil drainer with tank capacity 90L and inspection chamber

Product Details
  • 2 in 1 oil drainer used for gravity or suction (with vacuum venturi) draining of used oil from engines, gearboxes and differentials of all vehicles
  • Includes a 9 litre chamber for immediate visual inspection of the quality of the extracted used oil
  • This 9 litre chamber can also be used as a vacuum reservoir
  • Includes a wide selection of various probes usable with a wide variety of vehicles, such as a copper probe for high temperature oil
  • Flexible nylon: 5 x 700 mm, 6 x 700 mm, 7 x 1000 mm, 8 x 700 mm
  • Rigid copper: 5 x 700 mm, 6 x 700 m
  • Adaptors: for BMW, diameter 12.2 mm, and for VAG Group diameter 10 mm
  • Suction rate: 1.5 to 2 l/min (oil at 70° and -80°C, with 6 mm probe and 8 bar/115 psi air pressure)
  • Suction air pressure: 7-8 bar / 100-115 psi
  • Maximum draining pressure: 1 bar / 14.5 psi
  • Maximum draining and suction tank capacity: 90 l
  • Reinforced connection between tank and oil tube to minimise the risk of leaks
  • Swiveling offset funnel design for high flexibility with 18 litre capacity
  • Metal reinforced hoses for improved durability
  • Foam protected handle for insulation and to avoid scratches on vehicles in case of an accident
  • Gauges indicating the level of contained liquid, air tank and suction pressures
  • One swivel castor with brake for increased safety
  • CE certified
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Gravity or Suction Oil Drainer with 90 L Tank and Inspection Chamber BOD8903A 1340-1700 mm 608 mm 36.17 kg
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