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Design your workshop trolley, configure the trays, choose your tools, and personalise them. Have your products always at hand!


BETMS Configurator

The Bahco Ergo Tool Management System (BETMS) enables us to respond directly to your specific needs.

That’s because BETMS provides a tailor-made tool management solution for every working environment.

Together with your Bahco sales manager, you will be able to design your own system with maximum ease.

  1. Choose your hardware
  2. Select a paint color
  3. Pick a bench top
  4. Choose your access control
  5. Add diferent accesories
  6. Configure the drawers
  7. Design the foam inlays
  8. Create the product mix that fit your needs
  9. Add marking in the foam inlay for tool control (FOD)
  10. Personalise tools with laser marking

Storage solution

E77 PREMIUM - Our strongest, safest modular tool trolley

The E77 Premium Storage HUB combines top of the line safety with innovative design—including anti-tilting drawers, individual drawer shock-protecting corner bumpers, precision dual-braking wheels and a range of advanced accessories.

E77 "Premium"

E72 - Our most efficient solution

The E72 Storage HUB is our streamlined tool trolley, but it still brings together many of our customers’ most demanded features—including a strong steel top, shock-protecting corner bumpers and an anti-theft round locking system.

E77 "Premium"

Classic - Bahco’s new legendary tool trolley

The front of the 26” and 40” designs pair robust, sturdy design with rounded corners, to ensure maximum protection without sharp edges. While an aluminium trim reinforces the classic look, a new heavy-duty case and innovative special features, like fully-opening drawers, Lock&Go latching and an anti-theft locking system, mean optimal safety is assured in any working environment.

E77 "Premium"


The Fit&Go system contains a wide range of ready-to-use foam inlays with tools for your drawers. Based on our market knowledge and customer needs, we’ve created hundreds of different compositions from which you can choose.

The Fit&Go system is available for all 26” tool trolleys and contains three different sizes (1/3, 2/3 and 3/3) to enable you to organise your tool drawers exactly as you want.

FOD SYSTEM (Foreign Object Damage)

The foams are coloured in black with a red bottom layer (standard), so that you can see immediately whether tools are missing. Other colours for the bottom layer are available with our BETMS configurator.

Smart Push System

The foam inlays have a smart push system, so you can raise the tool with one finger. Because of this, the red bottom layer of the foam is always hidden by the tools. The Smart Push System follows the high standards of aviation companies.

Bahco Fit&Go foam inlays

Our wide range of ready-to-use foam inlays is resistant to most common lubricants, petrol, water and UV light.

  • 1/3 foam collection
    58 different ready-to-use foam inlays. Ver todo
  • 2/3 foam collection
    46 different ready-to-use foam inlays. Ver todo
  • 3/3 foam collection
    136 different ready-to-use foam inlays. Ver todo


Bespoke configurations


If you have unique requirements, we can provide a unique solution. By making your inlays in our kitting centre, we can respond directly to your wishes, from colour and size through to tool layouts. Available in three different sizes (1/3 width, 2/3 width and full width) our inlays also make it possible to divide your drawers into sections to accommodate nuts, bolts or other accessories.

Discover the endless possibilities of our unique BETMS system. Ask your BAHCO dealer for more information.