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T-Shank Jigsaw Blades for Metal Cutting

Product Details
  • Standardized T-shank (also referred to as Euro shank)
  • Fits AEG, Atlas Copco, Bosch, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee and similar machines
  • A new progressive toothing has been introduced on our universal progressive blade
  • Progressivity gives many fine teeth close to shank, good when cutting in thin material
  • The teeth then become coarser and more effective than further out from the shank allowing thicker material to be processed
  • HSS: High speed steel is long lasting and will cut through most materials
  • BiM: Bi-metal combines the cutting performance of HSS with the flexibility of carbon steel, sawblades are shatterproof
  • Suitable for cutting through all types of material
  • 5 blades packed on informative card
  • Designed for long blade life and fast cuts
  • T-shank design fits most jigsaw machines
Technical Details
Grouped product items
Product Buy online
91-433-5P 8 100 mm 2 HSS 45 g
91-512-25P 24 77 mm 2 HSS 123 g
91-611-5P 24 132 mm 1 BiM 45 g
91-612-5P 24 77 mm 2 BiM 45 g
91-622-5P 14 77 mm 1 BiM 45 g
91-7V1-5P 10/14 132 mm 2 BiM 45 g
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