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Spare Central Bolt and Nut Set for Loppers

Product Details
  • Centre bolt kit comprising nut, bolt and washers
  • For P16 loppers with centre bolt locking system R901P
Technical Details
Grouped product items
Product Buy online
R143PV P16 33 g
R143PVCB P16* 33 g
R144PV P160 20 g
R146VS P14, P174, P176-75 30 g
R166V P114-SL, P116-SL 20 g
R312V P172-65 /-85 40 g
R315V P-SL-40 /-45 /-60 20 g
R328V P280-(SL) 32 g
R318V P180-70, P19-80, P172 50 g
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