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Auger Drill Bits for Wood

Product Details
  • Auger bit for drilling in wood
  • One section of tang with hexagonal shank for firm grip in the chuck, additional 15 mm long section with 4 flat sides, suitable for hand braces
  • Lacquered for rust protection
  • Spirals with Levin pattern
  • Made of Chrome-Vanadium (CrV) Steel
  • Heat-Treated all over for extreme durability
  • The auger bits provides fast cutting and are well-suitable for thick wood
  • Easy to use in hand held machines
  • Screw tip pulls the drill thru the workpiece and the large flutes help to remove chips and dust
Technical Details
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9626-18 18.0 mm 230 mm 12.5 mm 155 mm 230 g
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