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SDS+ Drill Bit 2-cutter for Concrete 24 mm x 250 mm

Product Details
  • Immediate centring tip prevents skidding on smooth surfaces
  • Large rebar chamfers (+35°) prevent side tip damages
  • Size range 4 mm to 26 mm
  • To withstand wear the drills are made of high-alloy steel produced with optimised hardening temperature
  • For masonry, concrete, natural stone, artificial stone
  • Fits directly into all hammer drilling machines with SDS-plus and HILTI TE-C drive
  • Carbide Tipped 2-cutter with SDS+ connection
  • Particularly suitable for drilling plug holes for fastenings
  • Canal flute provides effective dust removal for increased endurance and reduced heat friction
Technical Details
Simple product attributes
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4652-24-250 24.0 mm 250 mm SDS+ mm 200 mm 400 g
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