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Bahco manufactures and offers high-quality tools that help trade professionals to improve their productivity and get the best possible result working on their projects. Whether you are a carpenter, construction worker, electrician, plumber or cabinet maker, the only thing important to you is the result. Bahco helps you to get the job done right on time for the next one! As a tradesman or tradeswoman, your hands are the most precious assets you own. Your hands create the roofs we shelter under, the walls we live in, the light we need, the sanitary solution we use. To keep these assets safe, Bahco works together with professional users to develop solutions to reduce the risk of injuries and fatigue. Because these hands are valuable to all of us.


Our chisels are precision instruments, with super-sharp bite, ideal for any task from cutting delicate joints to working on the toughest of sites. Bahco saws are renowned for their sharpness, safety, comfort and sustained performance. Our measuring tools include washable stainless steel tapes, tubular spirit levels, measuring wheels, bevels, squares and scribers...not forgetting pencils
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Within the Bahco assortment, you will find the widest range of tools for floor works, wood work, brick masonry, leveling, plastering etc. that will suit the tasks that arise as the building goes up. From pliers to vise grips, wrenches, hammers, nail pullers, saws, power tool accessories… you will have the essential tools for the job to be done.
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Electrical work

Above all, our screwdrivers are designed for safety, while also requiring less effort to use. Bahco designed the world’s first ergonomic screwdriver over 30 years ago. Today’s screwdrivers fit the hand perfectly, protecting muscles from strain. Our wide range of pliers, including ERGO™ side cutting pliers, maximise cutting force; in tests, our heavy duty pliers sustained over 50,000 cuts of hard wire.
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Bahco’s founder invented the pipe wrench in 1888. He called it ‘The Iron Hand’ as it had the flexible grip of the human hand. Through years of R&D it became that ubiquitous toolbox essential, the adjustable wrench. Bahco’s plumbing range includes pipe wrenches, tube benders and cutters, reamers and deburrer tools, flaring tools and wad punches.
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