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Did you know that Sandflex®
is today 50 years old?

Sandflex® was introduced in 1969 as the world’s first bi-metal hacksaw blade. Born in Sweden, Sandflex® was the worldwide pioneer in using bi-metal technology to produce cutting tools.

In these 50 years, our Sandflex® blades have reached the moon.
Find out how.

Same Sandflex® updated brand

On the occasion of our Sandflex® 50th Anniversary, we
have updated the image of our hand hacksaw blade and its packaging. More appealing, more flexible, more up to date!

A. Packaging. From black to orange box. BAHCO orange!

B. New identity on the case

C. New logo on the transparent cover

D. Anniversary sticker

E. New Orange BAHCO Orange!

F. New logo

G. UV light in logo. The logo turns blue when illuminated with a UV light.

The Sandflex® universe

The Sandflex® range is composed of a large and diverse number of cutting tools. All of them are virtually unbreakable, shatterproof and the worldwide reference in their categories. THE BEST CUTTING TOOLS WITH BI-METAL TECHNOLGOY. Get to know them!