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Quick Adjust Slip Joint Water Pump Pliers with Phosphate Finish 250 mm - Industrial Pack

Product Details
  • Quick-adjust water pump pliers with two-component handles
  • Sturdy box joint frame and slim design
  • High performance alloy steel
  • Two-component handles for maximum grip comfort
  • Phosphate finish, anti-corrosion treated
  • Self-adjusting patented lateral lever
  • Flat and round grip shape with auto-tightening device
  • Sturdy box-jointed metal frame
  • Designed to prevent finger pinching
  • Comfortable two-component handle for excellent grip
  • Easy to use with the auto tightening grip
  • Slim jaws provide easy accessibility
Technical Details
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7224IP 22 250 mm 40 mm 50 mm 15 mm 8 mm 7 mm 63 mm 354 g
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