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ERGO™ Swedish Model Pipe Wrenches with Wire Loop

Product Details
  • Gripping capacity up to 38 mm (1 1/2") and a jaw opening up to 66 mm (2 2/3")
  • Patented progressive teeth for better grip
  • Anti-rust treated high-alloy steel with induction hardened teeth
  • The nut can be blocked in the desired position with the adjustment screw. Safety stop prevents threading-off
  • Finger pinching protection thanks to the curved design
  • True ergonomic design for optimal comfort and increased productivity
  • Slim design of the head allows excellent accessibility in confined spaces compared to many other type of pipe wrenches
  • Comfortable two-component handle
  • Suitable for working at height
  • Permanent stainless steel heavy duty shackle maintains user ergonomics and full functionality
  • Coloured tags with maximum weight for proper match with lanyard
  • Compliant with DROPS best practices
Technical Details
Grouped product items
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ERGO™ Swedish Model Pipe Wrench with Wire Loop 320 mm TAH1410 320 mm 45 mm 11.7 mm 18.8 mm 1 in 620 g
ERGO™ Swedish Model Pipe Wrench with Wire Loop 430 mm TAH1420 430 mm 65 mm 15 mm 20 mm 1 1/2 in 1115 g
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