80 Series Adjustable Wrench with Quick Link 205 mm

Product Details
  • Non-reversible jaw
  • Head combines slim design
  • Handle type 80 series
  • High-performance alloy steel forged in one single piece
  • Chrome or phosphate finish options
  • According to DROPS best practices
  • Standards: ISO 6787, DIN 3117, ASME B107.8M - 1996 and BS 6333
  • Suitable for working at height
  • Permanently fixed stainless steel quick link, maintains user ergonomics and full functionality
  • Colour plate with maximum weight to match with lanyard
  • Head combines slim design for accessibility with strength for performance
  • Non-reversible jaw to prevent it from dropping
  • Laser scale in mm for pre-adjusting and accurate measurement
Technical Details
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TAH8071 205 mm 8 in 27 mm 6 mm 13 mm 24 mm 267 g
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