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Telescopic aluminium poles

Product Details
  • Telescopic aluminium poles with 2 extensions (ATP-200-350) or 3 extensions (ATP-200-500)
  • ATP-200-350 can reach 5.5 m and ATP-200-500 can reach 7 m at full extension
  • Soft PVC sleeve provides anti-slip grip for better comfort
  • Supplied with universal adapter RAUNI for quick fitting and release of Bahco pole saws ASP-AS-C33-JT-F, ASP-AS-C36-JT-M, ASP-AS-C39-JT-C, ASP-AS-C45-JT-C, Bahco hook ASP-AS-HOOK, and Bahco top pruners P34-37, P34-27A-F, P134-BULK with adapter ASP-ATP
  • Reinforced end cap prevents pole breakage in case of accidental ground impact
  • Easy maintenance: cam system available as spare part
Technical Details
Landscape Pomology Light Dash Xx
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Telescopic aluminium poles with 2 sections ATP-200-350 3520 mm 139 in 1632 g 58 oz
Telescopic aluminium poles with 3 sections ATP-200-500 5040 mm 198 in 1997 g 70 oz
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