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Spare Counter Blades for PX and PXR ERGO™ Bypass Secateurs

Product Details
  • Spare counter blade for the ERGO™ secateurs
Technical Details
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Spare Counter blade for PX-S1/PX-M1/PX-L1/PXR-M1/PXR-L1 ERGO™ Bypass Secateurs R303P Px-S1, Px-M1, Px-L1, PxR-M1, PxR-L1 40 g 1.4 oz
Spare Counter blade for PX-S2/PX-M2/PX-L2/PXR-M2/PXR-L2 ERGO™ Bypass Secateurs R403P Px-S2, Px-M2, Px-L2, PxR-M2, PxR-L2 50 g 1.8 oz
Spare Counter blade for PX-S3/PX-M3/PX-L3/PXR-M3/PXR-L3 ERGO™ Bypass Secateurs R503P Px-S3, Px-M3, Px-L3, PxR-M3, PxR-L3 50 g 1.8 oz
Spare Counter blade for PX-M2-L/PXR-M2-L ERGO™ Bypass Secateurs R603P Px-M2-L, PxR-M2-L 66 g 2.3 oz
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