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Production Metal Cutting Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blade for Large and Difficult Alloys with Higher Grade Powder HSS Toothing 7/1 TPI 1.6 mm x 67 mm

Product Details
  • Bahco bandsaw blade, best solution for high-performance cutting of large and tough workpieces
  • Stiffer backing material and higher grade powder HSS tooth tips give top performance and long life in tough materials.
  • Special VariEdge design provides variable rake and clearance angles to optimise each tooth's cutting properties.
  • Precise set for smooth surface finish.
  • Set levels produce a multi-chip cutting profile that reduces cutting force and improves blade life.
  • Special design in combination with sharp cutting edges for easy penetration in tough materials and special alloys.
Technical Details
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3858-67-1.6-PHX-.7/1 67 mm 1,6 mm 0.7/1 PHX
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