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Heavy Duty Extra Long Lightweight Hedge Shears with Aluminium Handle

Product Details
  • High-quality shears for professional use in parks, topiary gardens and nurseries
  • Fully-hardened, very sharp, precisely ground blades ensure a continuous clean cut
  • Easier cutting of thicker (10 mm, 3/8") branches with the serrated section of the blade
  • Comfortable, lightweight, extra-long, strong, strain-resistant aluminium handles
  • Handles with smooth plastic grips
  • Reduced fatigue through superior cutting performance and very comfortable handling
  • Centre bolt locking system keeps blades perfectly aligned
  • Spare parts available
Technical Details
Landscape Viticulture Light Spareparts Dash Xxx
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P51H-SL 730 mm 28,75 in 250 mm 9,8 in 1076 g 38 oz
P51H-SL_appl1 (1).jpg P51H-SL_appl1.jpg P51H-SL_appl2 (1).jpg P51H-SL_appl2.jpg P51H-SL_appl3 (1).jpg P51H-SL_appl3.jpg P51H-SL_appl4 (1).jpg P51H-SL_appl4.jpg P51H-SL_appl5 (1).jpg P51H-SL_appl5.jpg P51H-SL_appl6.jpg P51H-SL_appl7.jpg P51H-SL_appl8.jpg P51H-SL_appl9.jpg
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