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Handheld Pruning Saws with Dual-Component Handle and Holster for Green Branches Cutting

51 -JS
Product Details
  • Sword saw especially designed for landscaping
  • JS teething developed for pruning living wood
  • Non-set teeth with hardpoint, taper ground blade for perfect clean finish
  • Better performance and less friction from the unique concave blade
  • Extremely sharp and very aggressive teething for fastest cut
  • Extra durability and faster cutting thanks to the hardpoint JS teething
  • Comfortable, non-fatigue two-component handle
  • Spare blades are available
Technical Details
Landscape Pomology
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Handheld Pruning Saw with 2-Component Handle and Holster for Green Branches Cutting 5 TPI 11" 5128-JS-H 280 mm 11 in 5 300 g 10.6 oz
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